Veggie Garden:

reading & learning all I can about growing our own veggie patch. So far we haven’t had any luck with our flowers here. I don’t suppose planting them at the beginning of Winter was the smartest move. So neither of us was born with a green thumb but hopefully we can grow one 🙂

Lucky for us the land we bought was previously farm land…so there’s some good soil for experimenting.



MICHOACÁN – The Soul of México

Here are a few things Michoacan (Morelia) is known for:

The Monarch butterflies migrate twice a year in the millions to the butterfly sanctuary. And the best part is you can tour & view them on horseback!

Natural Hot springs:

First Spanish colonial city.

Charreria (original rodeo of both men & women)

To the north of Morelia is Lake Pátzcuaro, one of Mexico’s highest lakes.

I know there are a heap more…but will save those for a later post.

Window Film:

Here is a great idea not only for privacy but to minimize the amount of UV rays that come through your windows that fade your furniture, floors…etc.
It also helps keep the summer heat & winter cold out of the house which means you can cuts costs on electricity bills. You can also get them completely see through or only with a very slight tint so it lets in all the day light so you can cut more costs on electricity by not using the lights during the day.
I don’t really like drapes/curtains as Im allergic to dust & they always collect with the privacy this provides you don’t even need to hang them. Ok enough said. Im won.

Info: homedepot, galltech, windowfilmanddecals

Go Green

A cool quote if you are thinking about reducing your carbon footprint & opting for eco friendly designs & lifestyle choices.

“Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something. You are by an accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.”  – Astronomer Carl Sagan


We really like the concept of a tub in the ground. But Im a little concerned about the danger it could pose for Dakota who could fall in. Maybe a couple of steps leading up before the drop?

Other ideas below.

found in: china-baths, jacuzzi

Touch Screen

Migs is going to put this in my kitchen…..

Made by Ryan:   The iPhone Inspired DIY Kitchen Touch Screen Project

walk in wardrobe

This is a MUST, not because we will have alot of crap to put in it…but because I love being ORGANIZED.


Absolutely loving these Mexican dining room chairs!

Entertainment Room.

So when I was drawing a floor plan of the house last week, I had an entertainment room in mind for the lower level. Here are some pics of how I kinda want it, the layout that is as the furniture & materials used in these pics are not “us” at all.

We’ll build this room right off the bat, but as for when we “fill it”…well, who knows how long that will take. One thing is for sure tho… We will have our entertainment room! (bar, pool table, home theater etc)

Pics found in: Symphonyhomes, Designawards.

Gr8 Home Theaters: Design Group

Its Official!

We now own a piece of this world!! Whoohoo!!!

(we’d celebrate with some bubbly…but now we’re broke) LOL!

Wine Cellar

This is my dream! I’m hoping at some point in my life to have a wine cellar. Maybe not as fancy as this cause I wont be entertaining in there. But definitely some place where I can store my future collections 🙂

New Jersey

The Lakes

These are the two lakes about 1km from the land (5 min) Apparently quite good for swimming & fishing.

heaps of tips & ideas

Organizing & Decorating Kids Rooms

outdoor comfort

I must admit I would probably go more for a hammock or swinging seat…but these look pretty comfy for a lazy day in the sun!

Im posting these as I dream of the summer to come….

chairs found in: mydeco, design.spotcoolstuff, trendir


Not sure how we will do Dakota’s room..but ours will for sure have an alcove, its like a little sanctuary from the world. (in the first pic)

I dont know what it is about bedrooms but I just cant stand the bed being the center of attention. I love sleeping in enclosed spaces, so Ill prob have a simple wooden one made (like in the 3rd pic) & then tucked away. Not sure if its good “feng shui” but it works for us. We’ll put in some big windows so its not too claustrophobic.

(the rest of the pics are just some unique beds that I like)

How do you like to sleep? How would you design your bedroom?