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MICHOACÁN – The Soul of México

Here are a few things Michoacan (Morelia) is known for:

The Monarch butterflies migrate twice a year in the millions to the butterfly sanctuary. And the best part is you can tour & view them on horseback!

Natural Hot springs:

First Spanish colonial city.

Charreria (original rodeo of both men & women)

To the north of Morelia is Lake Pátzcuaro, one of Mexico’s highest lakes.

I know there are a heap more…but will save those for a later post.


Its Official!

We now own a piece of this world!! Whoohoo!!!

(we’d celebrate with some bubbly…but now we’re broke) LOL!

The Lakes

These are the two lakes about 1km from the land (5 min) Apparently quite good for swimming & fishing.

some pics of the city

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Its Very Green

This is the land we are getting, located in Morelia. Temperatures ranging from 23-28 Celsius all yr round.

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