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decorative security bars

A downside to living in Mexico is the fact that everyone has bars on their windows & so will we. But the upside is we can make art out of it.

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i cant wait!

well if you really know me, then you know that i love, love, love horses! Annnnnnd am finally going to have my very own when we move to Mex. 🙂

So there is this place about 15 min down the road where ppl rent a stall for their horses & I was thinking of going down there & volunteering my services to clean etc in exchange for any & all information that they can give me…well on just about everything.

Do you think thats a good idea?

I did it in Italy for a couple weeks at a time 2 yrs in a row…I would help with the feeding, brushing, mucking out the stalls in exchange for free rides. (she didnt speak enough English to really pass on much knowledge)

I do know the basics, but I want to learn how to check the eyes, teeth & body for any ailments. To know what signs to look out for..etc as I don’t want to rely solely on vets. Will give it go, it cant hurt to try right?

Kitchen Ideas

I love interacting with my family while I cook, so when first designing the house I drew up a plan with the stove built into the island facing the lounge/dining area.

And the sink facing a set of windows to view the great outdoors.

Just decided to google some images….none below depict exactly what I had in mind but they are good visuals non the less.

What should we surround the property with?

hedge, original design or wall/fence…

another idea

I like this concept…but it seems like there wouldn’t be much light making its way inside.

Wadda ya think?


Absolutely loving these Mexican dining room chairs!

Entertainment Room.

So when I was drawing a floor plan of the house last week, I had an entertainment room in mind for the lower level. Here are some pics of how I kinda want it, the layout that is as the furniture & materials used in these pics are not “us” at all.

We’ll build this room right off the bat, but as for when we “fill it”…well, who knows how long that will take. One thing is for sure tho… We will have our entertainment room! (bar, pool table, home theater etc)

Pics found in: Symphonyhomes, Designawards.

Gr8 Home Theaters: Design Group

Wine Cellar

This is my dream! I’m hoping at some point in my life to have a wine cellar. Maybe not as fancy as this cause I wont be entertaining in there. But definitely some place where I can store my future collections 🙂

New Jersey

heaps of tips & ideas

Organizing & Decorating Kids Rooms


Not sure how we will do Dakota’s room..but ours will for sure have an alcove, its like a little sanctuary from the world. (in the first pic)

I dont know what it is about bedrooms but I just cant stand the bed being the center of attention. I love sleeping in enclosed spaces, so Ill prob have a simple wooden one made (like in the 3rd pic) & then tucked away. Not sure if its good “feng shui” but it works for us. We’ll put in some big windows so its not too claustrophobic.

(the rest of the pics are just some unique beds that I like)

How do you like to sleep? How would you design your bedroom?

Rumpus Room?

I came across this kids room in Design* Sponge The basic idea is to put the kids bed into a kind of alcove to save on space in the bedroom for play.

So my question for you more experienced parents out there is this:


The slide-show below is the style we are aiming for. Of course things will be added/subtracted & other designs thrown in..but at least you get the gist of it. 🙂

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