Well I think the humble toilet never gets the attention it deserves. So I am very excited by these Talavera ones! Call me weird but I think they are awesome! Not sure which pattern/color we will go with cause we have yet to decide on the overall house theme (tho i have a few ideas in mind) but here are two just to give you an idea.


One response to “Toilets

  1. I love those!!!, I was also thinking you should find some sort of heating/cooling system for your toilet room…its just awful when its stinking hot outside and you house is airconed but then you leave a window open in the toilet for air and its so hot you can barely breath, or visa versa when its freezing and your in there shivering and sneezing away…there has got to be a better solution 🙂 ohhh get a heated toilet seat from Japan 🙂

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