decorative security bars

A downside to living in Mexico is the fact that everyone has bars on their windows & so will we. But the upside is we can make art out of it.

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Well I think the humble toilet never gets the attention it deserves. So I am very excited by these Talavera ones! Call me weird but I think they are awesome! Not sure which pattern/color we will go with cause we have yet to decide on the overall house theme (tho i have a few ideas in mind) but here are two just to give you an idea.

New Books

Hopefully I can learn alot from these books to prepare me when it comes time to  decorate our place. Im hoping to have a BnB with our property as well (either as an additional self contained section of the soon to be existing house or a separate cottage on the property), so it really needs to depict a real Mexican style home in every way…. otherwise people wont get what they are looking for when they visit.

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i LOVE these hand-blown glass sinks! Hopefully they are affordable in Mexico, as they cost a fortune everywhere else.

But if I can’t get the above ones at a decent price then these talavera sinks (ceramic) are quite beautiful as well. And all individually hand-painted.


Well seeing as Im Aussie one of these is very important, so a definite must. The placement idea I have for it is basically built into the wall in a position overlooking the yard so we can watch the kids play while we cook. Not going to be stainless steel but natural local rock & wood cupboards. (Except the actual bbq)


Half the land is paid off! Its 3000 square meters so its quite a large chunk… the rest should be taken care of very soon. Things are progressing as planned & actually going quicker then we anticipated. Yay! I seriously cant wait to get to Morelia. Im craving the challenges its going to bring…


We really want a swimming pool, but Im not interested in the modern ones. I really like the concept of it being in a natural setting with local rock or stone slabs. Here are some great ideas to inspire:

You’ll enjoy living in Mexico if:

1. You have a spirit of adventure. Even if you are going to live in Mexico City and work for a company, life will be an adventure. You can either have fun with it or be frustrated by it. The choice is always yours.

2. You can accept that most things are out of your control. If you think everything has to be in its place and there must be a logical explanation for everything, then you are going to spend a lot of time being unhappy. Learn to “go with the flow.”

3. You are willing to accept things as they are. There’s a wonderful little prayer that says, in part, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” You may find yourself repeating this when little “Mexicanisms” get between you and getting things done.

4. You truly like people and can accept their differences. Remember that you are never alone in Mexico. Even if—especially if—you live in a small town where there are no other gringos, you will meet many locals. They are a gregarious bunch with large families and a healthy curiosity about the bizarre ways of foreigners. Remember that many of the things we take for granted about ourselves are pretty darn amazing to outsiders. Old people and small kids will ask you questions as you travel about. Middle-class businessmen will go out of their way to help you when you need it. Strangers of all classes will show you things and help you find whatever it is you are looking for, be it a road out of town or a battery for your car alarm.

5. You have a sense of humor. This is probably the most important ingredient in enjoying life in Mexico. If you do not take yourself too seriously, you will do much better than if you do. If you are a very serious or sad person and you have been sent to Mexico by your company, take heart, your whole personality could change for the better.

Borrowed from: Mexico Mike

this is it!

was flipping through Modern Home Trendir 2010 & I saw a pic of this couple’s kitchen here in SA… and its exactly what I had in mind! Notice the stove built into the island in the middle. And of course what really got me was how the work bench flows right out onto the patio. They have bi-fold doors on both sides as their wall & where the window is they have extended the work bench to bring it outside with bi-fold windows to close it off. I love it…what a great way for (me) in the kitchen still being able to be a part of whats going on be it inside or outside!

i cant wait!

well if you really know me, then you know that i love, love, love horses! Annnnnnd am finally going to have my very own when we move to Mex. 🙂

So there is this place about 15 min down the road where ppl rent a stall for their horses & I was thinking of going down there & volunteering my services to clean etc in exchange for any & all information that they can give me…well on just about everything.

Do you think thats a good idea?

I did it in Italy for a couple weeks at a time 2 yrs in a row…I would help with the feeding, brushing, mucking out the stalls in exchange for free rides. (she didnt speak enough English to really pass on much knowledge)

I do know the basics, but I want to learn how to check the eyes, teeth & body for any ailments. To know what signs to look out for..etc as I don’t want to rely solely on vets. Will give it go, it cant hurt to try right?


Well, there is good news & bad news.

The good news is that Migs got a large contract of away work. The bad news is that we are barely going to see him till March. The good news is that this away work knocks 2yrs off our land payments. The bad news is I wont be able to do much weekend work. The good news is the land (which is big enough to build six houses on) should be paid off by early next yr. The bad news is that its 12 hour shifts for 3-4 weeks at a time so poor Migs is gonna be exhausted. The good news is though its full on work crammed into a short amount of time in the long run it means he can quit earlier then expected/planned.

Then its all about saving for the house we are going to build….yay!

Kitchen Ideas

I love interacting with my family while I cook, so when first designing the house I drew up a plan with the stove built into the island facing the lounge/dining area.

And the sink facing a set of windows to view the great outdoors.

Just decided to google some images….none below depict exactly what I had in mind but they are good visuals non the less.

What should we surround the property with?

hedge, original design or wall/fence…

The One & Only Fridge…

The stainless steel side-by-side Liebherr refrigerator design also features digital control panel, five different climate zones, dual-temperature wine cabinet, no-frost freezer with ice maker and refrigerator compartment.

another idea

I like this concept…but it seems like there wouldn’t be much light making its way inside.

Wadda ya think?